Twin necessities for the first year

March 29, 2011 in Advice | Comments (0)

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Now that we have one year of raising twins under our belt, we feel like there is some advice we can share.

Twins are demanding.  Unless you lead a life of leisure and can afford staff or the time to both raise your children together all the time, at some point you will be alone and outnumbered.  If you do not have the twin-assist SWAT team on speed dial, devices can be a sanity-saver.  Do you need two of everything?  No.  Just be prepared to have two of the things that work.

We found our boys would often only nap in vibrating bouncy seats when they were infants.  You will go through batteries faster than you would think possible, but the peace is worth the investment.  As they have gotten older, they have both liked having their own jumpers,  exer-saucers, and walkers.  Fortunately, we were given or lent most of these things.

Also, look online for parents of multiples groups in your area.  Many of these groups have sales to unload clothes and toys for very cheap.  The last thing you want to do is have huge infant toys taking up space in your house.

An electric, musical swing comes in handy when you can’t get your twins to sleep.  At least one will be quiet.

You will learn to distinguish a serious cry from an angry or hungry cry.  Your babies will cry.  Don’t go nuts trying to stop it.  No baby ever died from crying.  Be deliberate and take your time.  Rushing around leads to mistakes and frustration.  If you have to, get shooter’s ear plugs to deaden the sound so you can think.

Babyproof your home sooner than you think you have to.  You do not want your first warning that your children can knock over lamps to be a crash.

Stay calm.  Support each other.  Take a break and make some time for yourselves whenever you can.  Good luck.  More to come.

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