The fastest year of our lives

January 31, 2011 in Multiples | Comments (0)


The boys are almost a year old and we cannot believe how quickly it has gone.  The tiny babies from the NICU are now looking and acting like little boys. 

Danny is nearly walking and Alex gets around well in a walker.  They take a constitutional around the house after meals.  They use different words and motions to try to communicate.  Danny dances ( as you will see below).  They like to clap hands.  Clapping looks like the sign language for “more” so we’re working out some confusion.

The boys are on a pretty reliable schedule now: asleep by 10; up by 8.  Sometimes more.  Occasionally less.  Often Alex likes to move from his crib to a swing in the wee hours.  Unfortunately, his next swing is going to have to be patio furniture; he’s getting huge!

Soon, I will put up a list of thoughts and advice for parents of infant twins, but in the meantime, here’s Handsome Dan, the dancing man!

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