Life at home during the first 6 weeks

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On Sunday, March 7, 2010 we got a call at 9 AM asking us if we’d like to bring the boys home. After much deliberation we decided it might be for the best. (Actually, we both screamed, “Yes!”) We raced to get the house and supplies together then went to pick up the boys.

At the hospital we had a stack of papers to sign and a last-minute briefing on infant care. We loaded the boys up and headed for home but we had to turn back to sign some papers that got lost in the shuffle. When we finally got home, both sets of parents came over to welcome Alex and Danny home.

After a feast we took some family time.  We have two borrowed bassinets in out bedroom.  We naively expected the boys to sleep like they did in the NICU.  That did not happen.  They tag-teamed us.  We didn’t think to use bibs, so we had to change them after every feeding.  We didn’t burp Danny well enough so he was upset from about 2:30 AM until we gave up.  Amy called her mother first thing.  Amy took pity on me and let me nap for a few hours.  I returned the favor.  It was obvious that the bassinet plan was not going to work.

Our solution: sleep in shifts with the help of Mom-mom.  I stay up until 3 AM.  Amy takes over from 3 – 7.  Mom-mom gets the morning shift.  We have a dual bassinet pack and play in the family room, which we now call, “the Baby Cave.”  Someone is on our couch 24 hours a day.  Time means nothing anymore.  Thankfully, we average 6 – 7 hours of sleep a day and the boys are doing very well.  Alex is over 8 pounds and Danny is over 7.  They have begun to notice the world around them.  We take them for walks through the neighborhood in the nice weather.

Perhaps, once the boys start sleeping on a schedule, I will be able to update more often.  In the meantime, here are some photos:

The twins in their bouncy chairs


"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" - Danny Goldfinger

Yin-Yang Twins

Ying-Yang Twins

Danny, dressed to chill

Alex loves his Grandpas

"Are you gonna lift my head or am I gonna bust yours?"

A little roomier than the womb

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