Delivery of Twins

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Monday, February 22, Amy and I were admitted to the hospital in the evening.  Earlier in the day we had been told that Amy was 90% effaced (her cervix was flattened) and 1 cm dilated (her cervix was opening).  That was good news.

After admission, the wonderful doctor on call gave Amy some Cervidil to get the cervix dilating.  Cervidil looks like a limp piece of electrical tape.  It gets balled up and placed in the cervix.  We were then told to get some sleep.

The next morning, bright and early, Amy’s OB showed up to get things started.  He took out the Cervidil and broke the water on twin A.  Voila!  Labor begins.  Throughout the day our excellent nurse, Ginny, was in to check on us and keep Amy happy.  She made Amy very happy when she got the anesthesiologist in to give the epidural.

By 1:00 PM Amy was fully effaced and 10 cm dilated.  It was go time.

With the delivery of twins every precaution is taken.  It is hospital policy to deliver in the OR, just in case an emergency pops up.  I got scrubbed up, put on a gown and hat and my game face, and got ready to coach.

Husbands, fathers, coaches, partners, boyfriends, and girlfriends: if you are in that room for delivery it is your job to be supportive and stoic.  No matter what you see, do not let on if it bothers you at all.  Be there for your woman.  Be whatever she needs.

I didn’t coach so much as echo Ginny’s encouragements and instructions.  Also, I held the bottom of Amy’s left foot and the back of her head and tried to push them together.  Amy did great!  She bore down.  She didn’t cry – didn’t scream – just pushed.

At 3:09 PM on Tuesday, February 23, Alex came into the world.  He was purple and struggling.  The nurses showed him to us then promptly went to work on him.  He wasn’t breathing and he had to be intubated.

Meanwhile, Amy still had to push out another baby.  Ten minutes later, Danny came out with much less problem.  Big brother Alex (6 lbs. 7 oz.) had done the hard work.  Little Danny (4 lbs. 15 oz.) just slid on out.

We went back to recovery and began to pull ourselves together.  Both sets of our parents were there, as well as Amy’s brother, John.  Unfortunately, the twins had to go directly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – NICU.  I’ll tell you about that in the next post.

We really want to thank Ginny, Dr. Dershaw and all the wonder labor and delivery staff at the hospital.  You all made us feel safe, secure and confident plus you took excellent care of all of us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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