The move and its consequences

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Hopefully, I’ll be able to update more often in the future, but the past several weeks have been beyond busy.

Amy and I packed up six years worth of accumulated possessions, cleaned the house and basically ran around like crazy people.  We beat out three other offers to get the four bedroom colonial in a great school district.  The stress really mounted when the mortgage appraisers started devaluing the properties and making demands.  We got through all that and, with the help of Amy’s folks, got everything ready for the movers.  Then the party really started.

They showed up 30 minutes late (which I understand is not bad for movers), took 45 minutes to position the truck and then started loading.  I should mention at this point that I spoke with their sales manager, George, twice on the phone to confirm the job and date.  At no point did they send a representative to check the house or furniture situation.  The truck did not fit up my driveway and they couldn’t park in front of my house because it is on a very busy street.

The crew did a good job.  They loaded the truck efficiently and carefully.  It took longer than George had estimated, but that didn’t concern me.  The problem came when they told me at 9 PM that they couldn’t fit all our furniture in the truck.  They said they’d “try” to get a truck out the next morning.  I was told to expect a call from management at 7:30 AM. Because we are practical people, Amy and I called all our friends to see if any of them could help me move in the morning if the movers could not get another truck.

On top of that, it had been raining and the movers had tracked mud into our living room.  Miraculously, we were able to get our hands on a steam cleaner that night.  Amy and her father scrubbed that carpet until 10:30 that night.

As you can probably guess, I did not get a call from the movers at 7:30.  Or 7:45.  Or 8:00.  I rented a 17 foot cube truck from Uhaul and thanked God that Andrew was available to help me.  When George finally called, it was to offer a cargo van.  A dining room set, numerous boxes, weight bench and more would not fit in one cargo van.  Plus, settlement on the new house would not be over until 4 PM, the old house had to be presentable and empty by noon and all our worldly possessions would have to spend the intervening hours on a truck (or two, as it turned out).

Andrew and I got the house emptied out with 45 minutes to spare.  We took the Uhaul truck up to the new house and left it in the driveway for the day.

Settlement was the most relaxing part of the day for me.  Amy was not able to be present for the day because she had an important day at work (plus, she IS pregnant with twins, so no heavy lifting).

After settlement I went straight to the new house to start unloading the truck.  Again, the movers were late, but by then, the worst was over.  They unloaded the Uhaul truck first, I moved it out of the driveway and then I had to split and leave my parents in charge of the unloading.  Our band, the Helper Monkeys, had our last gig to play that same day at Amy’s school.  The gig went well.

After the show, Amy, some friends and I went to the new house.  Most of the furniture was in the house.  Once the movers finished unloading, we invited them in for a beer and told them that we were deducting $500 from the bill.  all things considered, it went well.  We haven’t heard from them since and we’re coming up on two weeks.

You’re probably bored with all the details and I’m certainly bored with writing them, so allow me to condense the weekend – with a lot of help from friends and family, we unpacked all the vital stuff on Saturday and Sunday and got the house to the point where it is habitable.  Unfortunately, Amy may have overdone it.

Monday morning she noticed some spotting.  She called her OB and was told to go to the labor and delivery ward at the hospital.  They hooked her up to fetal heart monitors, the TOCO (which measures uterine contractions), a blood pressure cuff and her own heart monitor.  The twins heart rates were strong and steady.  Amy’s heart rate and BP were both fine.  Her cervix was in great shape.  All was golden, except she was having contractions every 3 – 4 minutes.  She said she thought it was just the twins flipping around.  This was during the 24th week of pregnancy.

After seven hours in an exam room bed and two IV hydration bags, Amy was released with a prescription for bed rest for three days.  The doctor on call seemed to think that all the activity over the weekend plus dehydration may have led to the contractions.

Amy followed the doctor’s advice and took it easy.  The contractions subsided.  The next hurdle was Thanksgiving and how to fit all that food and the twins in the same body.

The takeaway from our experience is – when you are pregnant with multiples, no matter how fit and active you were before, you HAVE to pay attention to your activity level and DO NOT push yourself.  Apparently, complications for multiple pregnancies really begin around week 24.

More to come later.  Adios!

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  1. Comment by Mary Wood — December 3, 2009 at 9:18 pm  

    Hi Greg!
    I LOVE your blog. Since Amy is obviously otherwise engaged, it so nice to hear an update and find out what is going on. I’m sorry for all the troubles you guys had with the move. Its times like that I wish Ryan & I lived back home, because we would have for sure helped out. Glad to hear it all worked out in the end though, and it sounds like Amy learned the hard way to take it easy and drink a ton of water. It must’ve been pretty scary. Denise Weiss (the nurse & recent pregnant lady) was telling me something crazy like pregnant women are supposed to drink 80 oz of water per day!! So push the water on Amy … and I’ll drink beer for us both! :) Hope to see pics of the new house soon, and I’ve already booked a flight home for Amy’s baby shower which I’m told is the 17th of Jan. I still don’t know if she knows about it yet or if it is a surprise???? I am sooooo happy for you both!!!
    Peace and love, and keep writing!!!

  2. Comment by Manny — January 29, 2010 at 11:45 am  

    I just enjoyed reading everything. I enjoy being kept in the loop.